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The Mannamong

The Mannamong is a kid-friendly, fantasy, mystery graphic novel series about a young girl named Kali Teal, who encounters mythical spirits called mannamong. With a story that unfolds the message of communication, forgiveness and redemption after a series of misgivings.

A long time ago, Mother Nature created spirits called mannamong to guide and protect humanity after they fought each other over the limited, luxurious supply of manna. The heavenly nourishment that provided wisdom and health upon consumption. The mannamong promise to restore balance to the world after the era of chaos. At least, that is what Kali believed from her favorite bedtime story.

While trying to maintain order in the mortal realm, the unseen spiritual realm is in disorder. An infamous mannamong escaped prison from their world and causes trouble for this girl’s life. Desperate to be rid of this mean spirit, she encounters other mannamong trying to capture the rogue. But there is more to this story that Kali must unravel on her own, for her very life is at stake.