Michael Adam Lengyel

Congrats! You’ve awakened the untapped power of xemn.

All jokes aside, thank you so much for your membership! Your enlistment payment means so much to me in supporting this dream project. Every feedback such as this is enough to show me there’s an interest in keeping it going.

With this subscription, you’ll be granted special access to behind-the-scenes progress of The Mannamong comic pages before they’re released publicly. This includes other projects I would be working on, such as mini-comics, storyboards, scripts, blogs, etc. Your direct contribution will help me sustain finances to promote the series and help it grow through advertisement, assistance, and other expenses. You’ll also be given exclusive discounts to the store where you can buy Mannamong merchandise and other creations created under the Michael Adam Lengyel brand.

If there are any suggestions in improving the site’s quality, please feel free to send an email michael@michaellengyel.com inquiring about anything from updates to critique. Thanks again for being a part of the journey.

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