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The Mannamong – Volume 2 – A Kid Graphic Novel Series

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Will Eisner Comic Industry Award Nominee For Best Webcomic, 2023

“Another action-packed installment that will delight existing fans and earn new ones.” —Kirkus Review

Legends spoke of the mannamong, mythical spirits created by Mother Nature to nurture humanity. However, these stories have faded from memory as mankind grew distant from their guidance. Yet, they continue to balance the mortal world while the spiritual realm is shaken.

Stuck between the mannamong’s affairs, Kali struggles to find peace with Tontorus, the rogue mannamong who has taken over her soul. As Kali becomes increasingly anxious and angry, she slowly transforms into a mannamong spirit, losing her humanity and risks disappearing forever. On top of this, she’s also dealing with the stress of of being shadowed by mannamong hunters seeking to capture Tontorus. Can Kali stop the transformation and turn things around before it’s too late?

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The Mannamong Volume 2 – A Kid Graphic Novel Series


What can you do to handle that inside job? — Think about that.

After being cured of her illness, Kali Teal continues to wrestle for control of her life when the rogue mannamong Tontorus hides behind her to avoid capture by his kind. But time is against her when she slowly fades from existence due to being a mortal unwillingly bound to a spirit, distorting the natural order. Hoping to understand him better, Kali must learn to work with Tontorus and come to an agreement to restore balance instead of fighting with him. Or else neither of them will last.

This is a continuation of The Mannamong graphic novels series. It is a tale of beings created by Mother Nature to restore humanity’s spiritual senses, following an intuitive girl and a troubled spirit.

This graphic novel highlights the clash of two worlds, humans and mannamong, in a fantastical story of good versus evil (love versus hate), the power of forgiveness, empathy, and second chances.

Perfect for fans of graphic novels such as Amulet, Lightfall, and Bones, as well as manga for kids like Pokémon and movies like Lilo & Stitch.

The Mannamong graphic novel series, written by Eisner Award nominee Michael Adam Lengyel, takes readers through a mystical world inhabited by creatures that reflect human behavior. The second book in the series delves deeper into how our desires can sometimes result in negative consequences.

Discover The Mannamong – Volume 2, a fantasy graphic novel series for ages 8-14. Start reading today!

ISBN: 978-1-7325632-4-7

Pages: 204

Publication Date: 1st Edition, Feb. 28, 2024

Publisher: Michael Adam Lengyel

Age Range: 08 – 14

Language: English

Dimensions: 0.5″(h) x 6″(w) x 9″(d)4


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