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The Mannamong – Volume 1 (Digital)

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Legends say the mannamong are spirits created by Mother Nature to guide and protect humanity. But one eight-year-old Kali Teal learns they are indeed real. From an unexplained illness to a mannamong appearing in her bedroom, Kali learns one mannamong has an alternative plan that turns her life upside down. What does this mannamong want?


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The Mannamong Volume 1


Desire is great. It lures us to take action and seek the truth.

Legends say the earth rained manna every day for humanity to consume, a gift by Mother Nature. Just one bite was enough to cure the ill and gain vast wisdom. Once the manna became scarce, humanity waged wars over the remaining leftovers, causing devastation to the planet and their own kind. Pleading to save them from their own vices, Mother Nature created spirits called mannamong to guide them and restore balance to nature. The Mannamong are now considered fairy tales as no one recalls witnessing them for centuries.

The book opens with Kali Teal an eight-year-old girl, suffering from an unexplainable illness. In a dream, she gets swept up in the mannamong world and learns from Gisenes, the daughter of mother nature, that a rogue mannamong named Tontorus, is the cause of her illness. Gisenes extracts Tontorus from Kali with her powers and sends her back home. When she awakes, she realizes she is cured. Not sure if it was a dream or not until Tontorus appears in her bedroom threatening to take her as a hostage.

What does this mannamong want? How will Kali deal with this menacing spirit?

The Mannamong – Volume 1 is the first book in a series of middle-grade fantasy graphic novel that features engaging characters, plot twists, hidden secrets, and subtle humor.

Pick up The Mannamong – Volume 1 to discover this magical series today

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