Michael Adam Lengyel

Kirkus Review of The Mannamong – Volume 2

Volume 2
Written and Illus. by Michael Adam Lengyel
$14.99 paperback
ISBN: 9781732563247
February 28, 2024

Another action-packed installment that will delight existing fans and earn new ones.

Young Kali’s adventures in the mystical world of the Mannamong continue in the second volume of Lengyel’s graphic novel series.

Kali Teal thought she was in enough trouble when the Mannamong nature spirit Tontorus hid himself inside her to escape punishment for a horrible crime. Now, as time is running out to separate them, she’s being pursued by the terrifying Scorch, a Mannamong of immense power, and Blitzstreak, a mischievous Mannamong with motivations of his own. Although she’s saved in the nick of time by the mysterious Hawk,his advice that she try to learn more about Tontorus isn’t easy for her to follow. Gisenes, the leader of the Mannamong, warns her that if Kali becomes too upset over what’s happening, she and Tontorus will fuse together even faster. Somehow, Kali and Tontorus have to start working together. Meanwhile, Kali’s mother still refuses to see what’s happening to her daughter and seems more confused and forgetful every day. Their friends at the ranger station, Trent and Jewel, often fight about Trent’s preoccupation with finding the Crimsong Pearl—an artifact that might be the key to saving Kali and Tontorus. As Kali gets to know the spirit within her, she begins to suspect there may be more to the story of his alleged crime—but then Blitzstreak’s meddling sends them on a new path. Lengyel ably ramps up the intensity and worldbuilding in this second volume of his Mannamong series. The book dives headlong into the action, and the result is consistently exciting, if sometimes a bit hard to follow. There’s clearly much more that’s yet to be revealed about the various players’ true intentions, and readers will share Kali’s frustrations about being kept in the dark about what’s really going on. Lengyel’s bold, vivid art style continues to impress, whether he’s dazzling readers with wild battle scenes or retelling ancient Mannamong legends. Overall, this series continues to be great fun; it’s a particularly good fit for young readers, who will relate to a hero with faults and big emotions.

Another action-packed installment that will delight existing fans and earn new ones.


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