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Hello and welcome to the Journey of a Story Artist podcast. My name is Michael Adam Lengyel, I am the creator, writer and illustrator of The Mannamong graphic novel series. An independently published comic targeted for children ages 8-12 at a middle grade reading level. This is the first of an upcoming series of podcasts chronicling my journey as both a creative writer and artist, combining those skills to be an effective story artist by working on my own work of fiction. 

What this series of podcasts will be about…
My intentions are to, hopefully, relay my process in writing and drawing a comic series and the lessons I’ve learned to help anyone else going through a similar creative experience. And maybe gain something insightful along the way as I do. Ultimately, my biggest goal in life at this time is to see The Mannamong animated into a serialization. Be it a web animation series or movie or such. Because I firmly believe this is a series that can resonate with a lot of people and be a profitable series of entertainment by the marketability of my character designs and the stories I express with them.
 And doing these podcasts is with the hope to look back on myself with some pride over everything I’ve learned and experienced as an artist going forward. And see myself become a stronger person in the process. So to start with, let me run down a synopsis of my comic, The Mannamong, and explain what future posts will be discussed at the end.

The Mannamong Comic Synopsis

So in the beginning, the world long ago rained manna every day for humanity to consume as a gift by Mother Nature. Taking a single bite would grant miracles like cure any illness and obtain vast wisdom. But eventually, humanity grew greedy and started fighting over the remaining abundance of manna when it stopped raining and became scarce. Ruining the world in a far worse state then when Mother Nature came to give life to the planet and its organisms. It got to a point which humanity begged for forgiveness to Mother Nature to restore the world for their mistakes. And so, she obliged by creating the mannamong instead, the titular characters of the series. Spirits of nature that are given the mission to restoring balance to the world and guiding humanity towards the right steps to prosperity.
Over time, these stories became mere myths and legends. In the present age, humanity has chalked up mannamong being fairy tales and nothing more. But one girl believes in them. The story’s main lead, eight-year old Kali Teal, is introduced as being sick from a mysterious illness that causes intense fevers. One night, it gets so severe that her mother tries taking her to the hospital on the mountainside in the midst of a stormy night. The weather gets too dangerous to a point they are forced to take shelter in a cave to wade it out. So to comfort her daughter, Kali’s mother Vianne tells her bedtime stories of the mannamong similar to what I mentioned earlier. She then has an abnormal dream in which she is taken to an open ended garden filled with nothing but colorful flowers and introduced to a green skinned lady calling herself Gisenes, the Daughter of Mother Nature. Who then reveals to Kali the mannamong hiding within the garden, proving they are real.
She then also reveals the cause of her illness, a rogue mannamong who tried to hide from Gisenes looking for him by possessing her, with her fevers being a reaction to this. When Kali wakes up, she is cured, calling into question whether or not it’s a dream. Until when she arrives home, she is haunted by the same rogue mannamong who tried to possess her. Unfortunately for Kali, only she can see him and is unable to convince her mother. So the story goes forward from there as she must find a way to save herself from this spirit while on the run from mannamong looking to apprehend him.
This mannamong is named Tontorus and holds an infamous legend as being a demon responsible for destroying Mother Nature’s promised land to humanity during a time they were on the brink of extinction. And as the story unfolds, Kali learns more about him and sees there’s a lot more to the mannamong lore than the stories she was told. Especially some of the contradicting elements to them being guardians when one of them is terrorizing her, muddying her perspective on them.

Upcoming Podcasts

So there you have it. This is a story with a lot of world-building and themes to spiritualism that I want to explore with and stretch my creative muscles. It’s very near and dear to me as it’s been a project I’ve longed to work on since I was twelve years old. Starting from middle school and throughout my teen hood, it helped inspire me to create something I want to succeed with as a career so bringing it to life is a dream of mine. I’d like to talk about my personal history growing up working on this story in the future more thoroughly and share what I’ve learned thus far when it comes to writing fiction. Including how I love conveying stories through illustrations too, which is why I really want it animated and decided to start working on it as a comic.
Going forward, I’d also like to talk more about other intellectual property from a writer’s perspective and explain how they’ve been an influence on me growing up and my personal thoughts in how they went about executing their stories. Ranging from movies, comics, animation and video games. For example, I’d like to talk about Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts soon in detail to share my experiences growing up with these two particular gaming franchise for their heavily focused narrative driven progression. And more recent inspirations for developing my comic in both American comic and Japanese manga like Jeff Smith’s Bone and Hunter x Hunter. Or how Disney and Pixar animation showed me how to write an effective relatable story in simple detail. Those are some examples of my plans to talk about going forward with this podcast. All to tie it back in how I can apply my creative decisions by what I’ve learned from those works.

In Closing…

But that’s all for now. I wanted to make this first post a simple and small introduction to myself and get my feet wet in recording. This is all new to me so I hope you found this engaging and that I made my point clear with this series. If you’re looking to hear more about my progress or future podcast discussion, you can visit my website: I have a newsletter subscription there you can sign on for updates on future content via email. And you can read the first volume of The Mannamong thus far over there as well. And last but not least, you may follow my social media hubs: YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, with my full name Michael Adam Lengyel as the username. To see my latest posts to The Mannamong comic, podcasts, or other pieces of artwork to share.
I greatly appreciate your time listening in and hope you stick around for more in the future. Here’s to the journey and I hope you all have an awesome day.

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