The Team Behind The Mannamong Comic Series

It’s A Family Affair Michael Adam Lengyel is the author, illustrator, and creative mind behind The Mannamong. A graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, Michael’s passion for storytelling through comics is evident in the characters and worlds he creates. “The Mannamong was an idea I came up with as a preteen, inspired by […]

What inspires my writing and art as a comic

what inspires my comic

Everyone is inspired and influenced by something. That’s a given. It’s why I would argue the insistence of being “original” to be a moot point for a creationist. There’s a difference between using a lot of an existing source as your inspiration to influence your work and using that inspiration to find your creative calling […]

Planning A Comic – Discovering My Purpose

*Please disregard the trivia within the artwork. Some content will not be canon to the official material. In my last post, I mentioned my “revival” of my online presence. But I felt like I didn’t quite clearly define my plans going forward. While I did express my intentions, I left what was to come a […]